Art in nudes

Short Thought


The art of nudes

The nude form is expressed in many arts like painting, sculpting, photography, and also in writing and music. My guess is that as soon as humans started to describe the beauty of life, humans started to describe the nude form.

In those thousands of years of celebrating and expressing the nude form, all is said and done, and what’s left over to do is to add the artist’s own observation and associations with the complex study of the nude form.

That’s something I need to keep in mind while creating nude art. I need to question myself about what my own view or association is with nude art. There lies the opportunity to create meaningful and creative work.

Why is it that the nude form is described in so many art forms and by so many artists? Is it because of the shape of the body? Is it because of our associations with the human body? The human body can represent many things, obviously it can represent love or sex, strength and health. But it can also represent age, lust, pleasure or pain. So many emotions can be expressed by the human body. And then there’s the association of the artist, but also of the viewer. Both can be completely different and can be a combination of any of the mentioned examples.

It is therefore that nude art can be so complex and in order to create something meaningful it requires careful consideration and sensitivity.