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Apparently you have my card! It's not something I often give out, but sometimes I meet someone who I believe is very interesting to photograph. This could be because of a specific feature, interesting appearance or your charisma. Either way, I really would like to express that in a few photographs!

Let's see if we can work together!

I mainly shoot portraits, implied nudes and artistic nudes. If you want to know what that is, scroll down to Shoot Styles. If you think one of these styles is up to your comfort level, please fill in the form below, I'll contact you, we'll discuss any details and plan a shoot, completely free of charge!

And, if you still have any questions, please check my FAQ at the bottom of the page. You can also ask questions via the form.

If you choose not to be photographed, no problem! I still would appreciate a short message just to let me know.

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    Still having doubts?

    Don't worry, you can also just ask a question via the form or via Instagram. Or you can browse my website for more examples.


    "I have worked twice with Imar and he is amongst my favorite photographers to work with in the Netherlands. We always have a great time and he brings in great ideas, that he communicates very well.
    Shooting with him is very pleasant and easy going, it often feels like I am just hanging out with a friend actually Smile And furthermore the results are really great each time!"

    Noa The Model

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