Somehow it's accepted to have a classic nude painting on your wall. What is rarely seen is a art-nude photo on a wall.

I'm curious to know what type of photo you would hang on your wall. Please consider the type of photo, not the specific photo I chose.

Please let me know what you prefer!

(The answers you give are handled completely anonymously, and will not be used to contact you with specifically your choice)

What type of photo would you have on your wall?

Body form

The Body Form emphasises more on the shape or outlines and composition of the body to create an almost abstract nude photo.
Nude Portrait
The Nude Portrait includes the face of the model so the character and expression allows you to interpret and connect with the nude.
Anonymous Nude

The Anonymous Nude does not include the face and therefore create a distance between the nude and the viewer.

Implied or Covered Nude

The Implied or Covered nude offers a less confrontational or (safe) nude, but still allows the viewer to appreciate the human form.


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