Why I photograph Nudes


Why I photograph nudes?


Why do I photograph nudes?

In order to answer that completely there are two more questions that need to be answered. Why do I photograph? What is nude to me?

 I’ll try to keep it short.

Why do I photograph?

For me photography is a way to be creative. I like camera’s, I like to create, and I like to experience growth in the quality of the work I produce. A photograph captures something that “was there”. Preferably people.

What is Nude to me?
Nude vs naked, what is the difference? To me a naked person is a person without clothes. A nude person is a naked person in service of art. Nude art. The nude person performs, the artist translates and records.

So, why do I photograph nudes? 
People are fascinating, bodies are fascinating, emotions are fascinating, expressions are fascinating and photographing nudes is a way to explore all these fascinations. It's a way to translate and records these fascinations into art.

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