Nude art and the brain hemispheres

Nude Art and the brain hemispheresRecently I saw the documentary The Divided Brain (check out Vimeo!) where Dr. Iain McGilchrist explains the difference and workings of the two brain hemispheres. … Read More

Art in nudes

Short ThoughtThe art of nudesThe nude form is expressed in many arts like painting, sculpting, photography, and also in writing and music. My guess is that as soon as humans … Read More

Progress comes slowly…

Progress comes slowlyMy third nude model photoshoot.I recently had my third nude model photoshoot in my studio. I feel that I slowly get a grip on the whole process of … Read More

What’s in a Portrait?

Short ThoughtWhat’s in a portrait?A portrait photo seems like a simple concept. Photograph a person’s head, and there you have it, a portrait. But why is a portrait not just … Read More

Why I photograph Nudes

Short ThoughtWhy do I photograph nudes?In order to answer that completely there are two more questions that need to be answered. Why do I photograph? What is nude to me? … Read More